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1996 - The Mission

1996   the mission
Captain Jack – The Mission

The Mission (Intro) 1:04
Sir Yes Sir (Pt-Mix) 4:07
Captain Jack (Short Mix) 4:06
Soldier Soldier (Short Summer Mix) 3:34
Little Boy (Boy Oh Boy Mix) 3:41
Drill Instructor (Short Mix) 4:12
Take On Me (Longplay) 5:26
Captain's Dream (Instrumental Mix) 4:02
Jack In Da House (Jack Da House Mix) 4:10
Back Home (Captain's Return) 5:16
She's A Lady (Sing Nanana Mix) 3:14
Captain Jack Remix (House Grooves From U.K. Mix) 6:42
Drill Instructor Remix (All 4 One Mix) 6:13
Jack In Da House (Old School Mix) 6:09
The Final Countdown (Uuh Baby Mix) 5:37