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Captain Jack is a popular group from Germany. They are one of the most sensational musicians of eurodance scene. The group has its own exceptional sound and character.

Captain Jack was founded in 1994. Franky Gee from Cuba was one of the members of the band. He was born in 1962. When Franky was a child, he wanted to be a pilot and he even studied at a military college. Franky's stage image showed his passion to military – he performed, wearing general's uniform.

There is one interesting fact. «General» Franky Gee didn't perform till the release of the greatest album called «The Mission». Instead of him, his friend Durban performed before an audience.

Unfortunately, Franky died at the age of 43 because of blood-stroke.

The band has lots of wonderful releases like «Drill Instructor», «Dream a Dream», «Little Boy», «Captain Jack» and so on. It also launched a load of different commercially successful albums such as «The Mission» in 1996, «The Captain's Revenge» in 1999, «Top Secret» in 2000 and «Café Cubar» in 2004.

The band still exists. «Captain Jack» collaborates with the biggest music label in Japan.



1996   the mission


"The Mission"
1997   operation dance


"Operation Dance"
1999 The Captains Revenge


"The Captain's Revenge"
2001   Top Secret


"Top Secret"
2003   Party Warriors


"Party Warriors"
2004    cafe cubar


"Cafe Cubar"
2005   Music Instructor


"Music Instructor"
2008   captain jack


"Captain Jack is Back"
2010   Back To The Dancefloor


"Back to the Dancefloor"




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